Healthy soil is the foundation for healthy food and a healthy world

Rhizoterra Inc. is an international company that creates information and knowledge pertaining to soil health, so we can all make informed decisions based on science.

Founded in April 2011 by Jill Clapperton, Rhizoterra believes that soil health is the foundation of agriculture. We work to demonstrate and promote the link between healthy soils and the production of nutrient dense food.  Our strategies include whole system planning for crop, livestock, and/or integrated crop and livestock systems. We know that one-size fits no one so we coach our clients to implement strategies that best suit them, their families, community and markets, to restore and enhance agro-ecosystem function and services.

Rhizoterra designs and implements research and discovery projects on a farm scale. Our research will be published scientifically, and is demonstrated publically. We know that all agricultural and land management practices affect the ability of our soils to produce healthy and nutritious food. So we are confident that practices that create healthy and productive soils can restore clean air and water. At Rhizoterra we are proud to work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for soil health: the foundation for food.

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