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Rhizoterra loves to share new activities that teach people about soil health, microbiology, soil ecology, microorganisms and how they relate to the rhizosphere. These activities promote learning about these topics for students. Teachers are welcome to use the activities in the classroom to give students a deeper understanding what happens in the ground below. 

Spil health, Rhizoterra, pop bottle extractor, micro arthropods, berlese funnelPop Bottle Extractor for Micro Arthropods: Berlese Funnel Extraction

This is a great activity that allows students to discover what types of microorganisms those are in the soil. Disclaimer- this is not the children version this procedure is for adults and older children with adult supervision. You will be using tools that can cut, and liquids that are unsuitable for children. Please keep you extractors out of the reach of children. Click here to download



Soil health, rhizoterra, soil pit, workshopsThe Art of Digging a Soil Pit

These are great instructions on how to build a proper soil pit.  Remember soil pits are not just for looking at soil layers, but are also really useful for looking at roots. So you want to dig the pit so that at least one wall exposes all the roots. Click here to download




NNTC workshop, activities, experiment, soil health

Earthworms are ecosystem engineers

This activity was designed by Rhizoterra Inc. for the National No Till Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio on January 13, 2015. Rhizoterra presented this demonstration at the workshop “Building Healthy Productive Soils” to demonstrate the following objectives:  


Project objectives

1.) Demonstrate the influence of different crop residues on earthworm activity and growth

2.) Illustrate how earthworms act to mix soils to create a deeper topsoil layer

3.) Compare the affects of earthworms and no earthworms on residue decomposition

4.) Compare the affects of having green plants and earthworms on plant residue decomposition and removal

5.) Involve participants in a discussion on how to create an experiment that will create meaningful data that can be used make informed decisions Click here to view experiment  

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