Rhizoterra's Resource List

We provide a list of references including books, articles, and website links that can satisfy any soil health information junkie. Our goal is to help you find the information you want to make informed decisions about how to manage the land, water, and food production for the future generations.


Title: Jump into Science: Dirt
Author: Steve Tomecek
ISBN: 9781426300899

Title: Out of the Dust
Author: Karen Hesse
ISBN: 0-590-37125-8

Title: Earthworms of the Great Lakes
Author: Cindy Hale
ISBN: 978-0-9792006-1-8

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General Interest:

Title: Dirt the Ecstatic Skin of the Earth
Author: William Bryant Logan
ISBN: 1-57322-546-0

Title: Men Against the Desert
Author: James H. Gray
ISBN: 1-895618-70-3

Title: The Unsettling of America Culture & Agriculture
Author: Wendell Berry
ISBN: 0-380-50922-9

Title:  CROPP Cooperative ROOTS  *The first 25 years*
Author: Jerome McGeorge
ISBN: 978-0-9887748-0-3

Science References:

Title: Fundamentals of Soil Ecology, Second Edition
Author: David C. Coleman and D. A. Crossley, Jr.
ISBN-10: 0121797260

Title: Driven by Nature plant litter quality and decomposition
Authors: G. Cadisch and K.E. Giller
ISBN: 0 85199 145 9

Title: The Farm Weather Handbook
Author: H. Lee Schwanz
ISBN: 0-944079-07-5

Title: The Wheatgrass Mechanism- Science and Imagination in the Western Canadian Landscape
Author: Don Gayton
ISBN: 1-895618-09-6

Title: Rangeland Health Assessment for Grassland, Forest, & Tame Pasture
Author: Barry W. Adams, Gerry Ehlert, Colin Stone, Donna Lawrence, Mike Alexander, Mike Willoughby, Carcey Hincz, Darlene Moisey, Angela Bogen
ISBN: 0-7785-2848-0

Title: Building Soils for Better Crops, Second Edition
Author: Fred Magdoff and Harold van ES
ISBN: 1-888626-05-4

Title: SSSA Book Series:5 Methods of Soil Analysis Part 2- Microbiological and Biochemical Properties
Editors: R.W. Weaver, J. S. Angle, and P. S. Bottomley
ISBN: 0-89118-810-X

Title: Microbiology: volume one, 3rd edition
Author: Prescott, Harley, Klein
ISBN: 0-697-21865-1

Title: Microbiology: volume two, 3rd edition
Author: Prescott, Harley, Klein
ISBN: 0-697-21899-X

Title: Manage Insects On Your Farm- A Guide to Ecological Strategies
Author: M. A. Altieri, C. I. Nicholis, M. A. Fritz
ISBN: 1-888626-10-0

Title: Managing Cover Crops Profitably, Third Edition
Author: SARE Program
ISBN: 9-781888-626124

Recommended By Our Readers:

Title: The Intelligent Gardener: Growing Nutrient Dense Food
Author: Steve Solomon and Erica Reinheimer
ISBN: 10: 0865717184
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