PXRF Calibrations

Rhizoterra builds custom calibrations for Bruker Portable Handheld Laboratory XRF Analyzers.  This includes Tracer SD III, Tracer SD IV, and the Tracer 5i series. Our calibrations are suitable for agriculture, horticulture, food processing and the fertilizer industry. Calibrations are for the atomic elements Sodium to Uranium in various dry and liquid media.

Helium (He) or a vacuum is used to increase the ability of the instrument to detect photons from low atomic weight elements such as sodium (Na), magnesium (Mg), and aluminum (Al).  Elements with less atomic weight than Na are not detected by these instruments at this time.

We are currently developing a number of other calibrations (in addition to those listed below) and encourage you to contact us for more information (avril@rhizoterra.com).

Every Tracer instrument has to be custom calibrated because all Bruker PXRF laboratory instruments are custom built and the rhodium-based tubes inside each instrument are unique.

Rhizoterra’s Current list of Calibrations:

All calibrations are offered for Tracer SD III and IV, and Tracer 5i systems.  Rhizoterra uses Helium for the analysis of sodium (Na) through zinc (Zn).  Calibrations are also available for heavy and toxic metals in the same media.

  • Soils and Composts
  • Dry ground plant material
  • Dry ground food grains
  • Water-like liquids (example aqueous fertilizers, wine, sap, and water)

Our calibrations are all designed to report in parts per million (ppm), and we remind you that with XRF you are measuring total amounts of each element.

Rhizoterra Laboratory PXRF Accessories:

Helium Flow Control System: controls the flow of helium from a portable balloon tank to the XRF/PXRF, helium must be used with all He calibrations.

Training and custom applications:

All calibrations are fully supported by Rhizoterra.  We can work with you to adapt PXRF to your analytical applications.

We offer onsite or online training workshops so you can optimize the use of your Tracer to your unique application.

Got a Tracer SD III or SD IV and are using it for art, anthropology or archeology studies why not other materials to the list like plant materials. 

For more information and pricing for calibrations and/ or training, please contact Avril at avril@rhizoterra.com


Analyzing dry plant leaves on a Tracer 5i

Analyzing dry plant leaves on a Tracer 5i

For more detail information on how XRF works check out XRF Guru Videos, Tutorials, and Concepts.   

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