Rhizoterra Registers Agricultural and Horticultural Products in the USA and Canada. 

We have registered products ranging from fertilizers to pesticides in every state in the USA and Canada.  We specialize in products that contain living organisms (Biological) and products that are derived from fermentation but contain no living organisms (Biologically –based).  These products typically require another level of expertise depending on the species of organism that is contained in the product. 

Rhizoterra registers: 

  • Organic products with OMRI, each state in the USA, Canada 
  • Conventional products with each state in the USA, Canada 
  • Processing Facilities - Oregon Tilth, Halal, Kosher 

Thinking about a new product, or having some difficulty navigating the registration process?  Rhizoterra can help move your product through the Registration Process. 

For more information contact:   Avril Stevenson (avril@rhizoterra.com). 

DISLCAIMER: Rhizoterra Inc. does not generally or specifically attest, warrant, or consult on the efficacy of its client’s products. Rhizoterra Inc. does not manufacture, design, test, warrant, inspect, modify, advertise, or market the products of its clients. Further, Rhizoterra Inc. does not evaluate the composition of its client’s products, determine if a product performs to the manufacturer’s or retailer’s intended function, or assess the impact upon persons, property, or the environment of its clients products. Rhizoterra Inc. shall only assist its client with product registration and consult on the product labeling for registration purposes. Rhizoterra Inc. DOES NOT evaluate or warrant the labeling of its client’s products to any third party or for any purpose other than compliance with registration requirements. 


Rhizoterra consults with small businesses regarding: 

  • Food Safety and Handling requirements 
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance 

For more information contact:   Avril Stevenson (Avril@rhizoterra.com). 



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