Rhizoterra's Current Projects

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Rhizoterra's current projects are all based on building productive healthy soil.  Listed below are our current projects that focus on grazing, soil health primers, crops, biologicals, and diagnostics. All these projects are researched based that span multiple years. This allows us to track, compile actuate data, find trends that include variance of weather patterns from year to year. By looking at all of these factors we can make informed decisions.



Michigan State University in collaboration with Dr. Jason Rowntree and team: Intensive livestock grazing for soil health.

Park Dairy- Australia: Soil health building and forage quality for dairy.

Soil Health Primers

Cover Crops: Mixes and forages for integrated livestock grazing

Companions: Mixes, IPM (insect pest management) attracting beneficial insects.

Cover Crop, Rhizoterra experimental farm

Cover Crop, Rhizoterra experimental farm

Pictures above are a cover crop mix of phacelia, crimson clover, sunflower, oats, and safflower.


Winter Canola: Variety testing and technical support for farmers.

Spring & Winter Wheat: Nutrient density and soil Bio-fertility.


Inoculants: Disease suppression and pests.

Products: selected products that promote soil and plant health


Boutique Soil Health Lab: In development

Bio-markers and methodology for microbial community profiling:

  • Phospholipids fatty acids (PLFA)
  • MALDI-TOF-MS (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization- Time Of Flight- Mass Spectrometry)
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