Research and Development

 We perform independent research and development on new crops, cropping systems (including cover crops, living mulches, companion crops, and purposed pastures), and natural- based and biologically active products.

Do you have a question that you or your organization need answered with field and/or greenhouse experiments?  We can help you get answers.

Rhizoterra can coordinate experimental design and execution including sampling, analysis, data organization, results, summarizing and reporting.  We are mobile and so are our analytical instruments: so you can have your experiments located where they matter most.

On your farm or ours, we design and implement research experiments to scale that can yield a scientific publication or an internal report- it is your choice.  We are well versed in the process of product registration so our experiments are designed to national and state specifications.   One season or multi seasons it is up to you.  Prices vary with the experimental design.

2014 Chickpea variety trials

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