Education for a sustainable future

Rhizoterra provides a number of education based services to promote sustainable agricultural practices.  These services include workshops, webinars, and courses that are based on sciene to create healthy and productive soils that can restore clean air and water.


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Workshops and Field Days

Rhizoterra Field Day

Rhizoterra does full scale no tillage farm trials aimed at understanding the link between healthy soil, healthy plants and nutrient dense food. We are also working with the USDA Agricultural Research Service and Washington State University to advance crop diversity in our dryland region. Rhizoterra is committed to developing technology, products, and cropping systems that restore soil organic matter levels and increase nutrient- and water- use efficiency, in other words creating healthy and productive soils. We will be sharing the results of past and present field trials and demonstrating our new technology that measures macro and micro mineral elements in water, soil and plants in real time.

What's in the field:

  • Dark Northern Spring Wheat (var. Glee) growing on cover crop or winter canola stubble, with AgZyme or Compell.
  • Spring Canola (Brett Young var. 5525 CL) on barley or faba bean stubble, with AgZyme, or Compell, and with or without Brett Young BioBoost (a growth stimulant for Canola).
  • Chickpea (garbanzo) - Desi variety trial
  • Faba bean (fava bean, broad bean, bell bean) variety trial
  • Quinoa - see if you can tell the difference from Lamb's Quarters
  • Safflower - 2 varieties, one drought tolerant and the other a blend of organic safflower seed (from Quinn Farm and Ranch- Big Sandy Montana) specifically for food grade oil.

When:    Wednesday July 22, 2015 at 9am-12pm 

Where:   Rhizoterra’s Experimental Farm

                  29768 State Route 231 N.

                  Reardan, WA 99028

Please let us know if you will be attending by emailing by July 20, 2015.


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Online courses

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