• Sara (Hessenflow) Harper

Our New Years Gift to You & Updates to Our Community

Our New Year's Gift to You: A Sale!

Happy New Year! To celebrate, we are offering a sale to become part of the premium global community helping members build better food & farm businesses with science, relationships & messaging.

Now, our value plan includes access to the Grounded Growth Paddock and the Grounded Growth Library. These resources focus on helping farmers and emerging brands learn how to build up and expand their marketing presence. Grounded Growth also helps members define and create a plan for verifying regenerative agriculture for your customers. Finally, Grounded Growth helps facilitate conversations that can lead to the creation of farm-to-brand supply chains.

Reserve Wednesdays for Us!

We have had some amazing speakers this past year -- and we look forward to continuing that streak into 2022. But sometimes, depending on the availability of speakers, we ended up overloading our members with too many events in one week and not enough in others. Lesson learned.

Going forward, we will be scheduling our events on Wednesdays. The times will still vary because we want to enable our members in Europe, Australia, and South Africa to join live as well if they choose at a time other than the middle of the night :)

Members can learn about, RSVP, add events to your calendar and get reminders in our newly created topic that brings all our events together: New Events, Reminders & Recording Links

As a reminder, all recordings of our events will now be posted in the Food & Farm Events Library. We will provide notifications and reminders when recordings are posted.

A New Membership Option

We know there are so many more people who would benefit from being part of our community -- and who would love it if they gave it a try. To help make it easier for some of these folks, we are creating a new membership option -- the Basic Membership.

This membership will enable folks to join our community, engage in the topic discussions and attend all live events. However, basic members will not have access to event recordings in the library or Grounded Growth access unless they upgrade to our value plan. This can be done from inside the community.

This plan costs only $10/month or $100/year.

Thank You!

We wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year.

We are SO excited to build on the foundation we created this year -- and to continue facilitating learning, laugher, and valuable relationships across the globe for many years to come!