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Harvesting Crop Field

Our Global Community

Over the years, Jill Clapperton and Rhizoterra have helped and connected with an amazing global network of soil health DOERS.  These are people with a proven record of regenerating the land.  

To help these amazing people stay connected to each other, and to allow new people to learn from them and from us, we created our own private, ad-free social network (or online community) focused on improving soil health and measuring the many benefits that come from it.

Our community is called the Global Food & Farm Network.  Rhizoterra is the lead sponsor of this global platform which provides a space away from the negativity of "free" social networks and enables true learning and connection.   

Our online community hosts live discussions every Wednesday with an expert in the food and agriculture space as well as access to ask Jill questions each week and view all our recorded events in our digital library.

Fill out the form below to receive updates.  If you'd like to learn more, please contact Sara Harper:

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We work to demonstrate and promote the link between healthy soils and the production of nutrient-dense food.  Our strategies include whole system planning for crops, livestock, and/or integrated crop and livestock systems. We know that one-size fits no one so we coach our clients to implement strategies that best suit them, their families, community, and markets, to restore and enhance agro-ecosystem function and services.


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