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Speaking & Consultation


Jill Clapperton and Rhizoterra have been at the forefront of agricultural practices and research for more than a decade. From the World Congress on Conservation Agriculture to workshops on family farms to individual farm consultations, Jill brings expert knowledge to any event.  Expect thought-provoking and engaging content tailored to your specific audience.   Want Jill to speak at your event or to hire her for a consultation?  Fill at the form at the bottom of this page.

Product Registration

Avril Stevenson provides product registration services that save manufacturers of ag-based products time, money, and hassle.  Clients get clear guidance on what information they need to gather and an end result that gets the product on approved-use lists.  See our interview with Avril below for more details.


  Email Avril to get started at 

Product Registration

Products We Register:

  • Agricultural-based products

  • Feed products

  • Soil-amendments

  • Fertilizers

  • 25b exempt pesticides

  • Biological products 

  • Products for use in all 50 U.S. States

  • Products for use in Canada


Why Register Products?

  • It is required by law; unregistered products are subject to a fine

  • Create accurate product labels for users

  • Get your product added to approved-use lists

Why Get Help from Rhizoterra?

  • Save yourself a lot of time (which is money) 

  • Avoid having to learn and comply with the unique registration requirements for 50 different U.S. states and a separate registration system for Canada

  • Support for writing your product label

  • Clear list of the information you need to gather

How Can We Help?

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Science Inspired Decisions

Leading the discovery of simple, accurate, appropriate technologies, developing methods, and gathering the best data possible.  Then using the data to provide credible, valid, trustworthy results.

Everything is Connected

We know that everything we do to make soils healthier has consequences for all living things that rely on soil

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