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Become part of a community of soil health DOERS

Get an expert filter on soil health content

We are a private, supportive, ad-free, global social network that provides information and connections to help you understand the science, practice, and outcomes of improving soil health.

Access our content however is most convenient for you: use our Mighty Networks mobile app, join live discussions, Q&A sessions with Jill, or watch the recordings of our events at your convenience.

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Each month, Jill's network hosts several video-conferencing opportunities to ask questions of some of the most innovative farmers on the planet along with top soil health and nutrient density measurement expert, Dr. Jill Clapperton.

If you are a farmer, chef, food company or anyone who wants to dive deep into the science of regenerative agriculture and measuring the nutrient density of our food, the Jill Clapperton Network is your place for guided learning.

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