Celebrating soil health for the love of food!
Rhizoterra is an international company based in the Pacific Northwest Region of the USA that is devoted to creating information and knowledge to assist farmers, ranchers, and land managers in their quest to create healthy productive soils.  This is all for our love of food!


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Featured Farms:

Park Dairy Farm in Wonthaggi Victoria Australia: Creating healthy productive soils and nutrient dense feed.

Workshops & Field Schools:

We offer field days and workshops. Why not host a workshop on your farm?

Know your soil health:  

Tests that you can do yourself. Need help with soil sampling procedures?


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  • Lectures about agricultural practices
  • Information about current project like Our Featured Farms



Rhizoterra does full scale no tillage farm trials aimed at understanding the link between healthy soil, healthy plants a...

7/30 & 7/31/2014

National Strip Tillage Conference -Jill Clapperton, one of the world's leading soil biologists, will headline the inaugu...

1/14 thru 1/17/2015

The 23rd annual National No-Tillage Conference will be held January 14-17, 2015, in Cincinnati, Ohio. There will be more...



New, Novel, Innovative

Healthy Soil is the Foundation of Civilizations

Because healthy soil is the foundation for food When is it too late to start creating healthy productive soil? We have ...

Up Coming Events

3/8 thru 3/9/2016

To provide informational resources and tools for ranch stakeholders that will help provide healthy and sustainable ranch...

2/8 thru 2/9/2016

The 5th Annual 2016 Soil & Nutrition Conference will gather farmers, researchers, nutritionists and food system advocate...

2/17 thru 2/18/ 2016

Ag Producers, have you been thinking about switching to no-till? Are already doing no-till and do you wonder if you can...

2/2 thru 2/4/2016

The Western Barley Growers Association 39th annual convention is presented in conjunction with the Barley Council of Can...


Welcome to the third presentation of Soil Health Conference For many years, several activities and intervention tools we...

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