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Help Is Here for Ag Product Registrations

Rhizoterra provides a service that registers agricultural products in all 50 states and Canada.

From soil amendments to fertilizers to biological inputs, the agricultural industry uses many different products. When a manufacturer creates a new product, it is required to register that product in each state where. the product is sold. There is a separate registration process for Canada as well.

Gathering all the information needed to prove product efficacy, create an accurate labels, and get listed on the state's approved-use list is a time-consuming and confusing process because each state has its own requirements.

Not to worry. Rhizoterra offers a service that takes care of product registration for the manufacturer in all 50 states and in Canada.

Check out this video interview with Rhizoterra's Avril Stevenson to learn more about our product registration services and about the registration process itself.

Click here to visit our product registration service page where you can submit your request for us to take care of this for you!


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