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Jill Clapperton to Keynote the Northeastern Colorado Progressive Ag Symposium this Wednesday

The Northeastern Colorado Progressive Ag Symposium will hold a 2-day educational event starting this Wednesday, November 3rd. The event is free, but does require registration. The gathering will bring together a number of experts on soil health to help area farmers go further on their continuous improvement journey.

Dr. Jill Clapperton will provide the keynote address, "Benefits of Healthy Soil," on Wednesday morning at 8:30am mountain time. She will also lead a session on the soil microbiome at the symposium.


The event is hosted by the West Greeley Conservation District and includes presentations on topics such as soil health analysis, finding efficient systems for moisture management and better understanding the soil microbiome.

Can't Make the Event? Learn About These Topics from Jill in Her Online Community

Each month, members of the Jill Clapperton Online Food and Farm Community get access to new original content related to some aspect of advancing soil health and the health of our food. Additionally, members can drop into Jill's "office hours" held twice a week and ask any question they'd like. All events are recorded and posted in the network for viewing at your convenience if you can't make the live event time.

We charge a small monthly fee to cover the expense of curating top content, coordinating speakers, providing background materials and editing the and hosting video recordings.

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