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Farmer, Pet Food Partner & Robot Builder Clint Brauer Shares Perspective on Regenerative Ag

Updated: May 18, 2022

What does regenerative agriculture look like from a guy in the middle of three different parts of the supply chain? Get a brief glimpse into our conversation with Greenfield Robotics' Clint Brauer in this short clip that is part of our public video series exploring the different definitions of regenerative agriculture.

Clint has a truly unique perspective on this topic. Not only is he a farmer who has added multiple regenerative practices to his land, but he is an inventor of robots that mechanically cut weeds so farmers can grow crops without chemicals. As if that's not enough, he is also at the forefront of building better supply chains with a pet food company, Canidae, that seems to be farther along on the regenerative sourcing journey than many people food companies.


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Canidae Pet Food - Read about Clint's work with this cutting edge pet food company

Greenfield Robotics - The robot company Clint created to help end the need for chemicals and tillage in agriculture.


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