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Stone Barns Chef Bastien Guillochon Shares View on Regenerative Agriculture

Can you taste the difference coming from regenerative agriculture? It makes sense that you can. After all, healthier soil both contains more nutrients and minerals and they are often more accessible to the plant. The impact of healthier soil on the taste of food is but one of many reasons that a growing number of chefs are interested in and supportive of regenerative agriculture.

But how do chefs define the term?

French Chef Bastien Guillochon from the Stone Barns Center in New York shares his view of regenerative agriculture as part of our ongoing video series helping to define the term.



Regenerative agriculture is getting a lot of attention these days. You may have heard a new brand, or an old one, touting the regenerative ingredients they are now using. But just what IS regenerative agriculture -- and how do you find it?

Our video series includes conversations with members of our Global Food & Farm Community who have been on the regenerative journey for years.


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