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Exploring Food Trends at College & University Trade Show

Wednesday, August 3 @ 1 pm eastern in the Global Food & Farm Online Community & Streaming Service.

Two of our member brands recently participated in a food trade show aimed at sourcing colleges and universities.

Joni Kindwall-Moore and Jennifer Kocher (from Snacktivist and Around the World Gourmet) got together to share their emerging regenerative brands with food buyers for colleges and universities from across the country.

Join us for a discussion with them to hear more about the latest food trends being focused on by the ever-important younger generation. We will also ask them about the experience overall and how they are working to expand sales of their regenerative food lines.


Join the Discussion

Members: click here to add the event to your calendar or join live at the appropriate time. (Must be logged in for the link to work).

Not a member yet? Click here to learn more and join us. Each membership starts with a free 3-day trial.

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