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Is Grass-Finished Beef Healthier for You?

A Global Food & Farm Online Community Event


About the Event

On Wednesday, July 20th, we will discuss with Dr. Stephan van Vliet of Utah State University the work he is doing to measure the nutrient density of grass-finished beef. We will also explore the nutritional differences between grass-fed and conventionally-fed beef.

From growing up in the Netherlands to studying kinesiology to diving deep into the topics of nutrition, metabolism, and agriculture . . . Dr. Stephan van Vliet has had a unique set of experiences that have come together to help him lead this critical beef research project. Learn more about his background in our original interview with him posted in our members-only online community.

About Our Members-Only Online Community

Members of our Global Food & Farm Community, can join our online discussion events live and/or watch the recorded versions whenever they want through our digital streaming library. It's kind of like a "Nerdy Netflix" focused on improving soil health, our food system and the environment.

The Global Food & Farm Community is a private, ad-free, global social network that provides information, connections and support to farmers, chefs and food companies on the regenerative food journey. We are able to create and provide this ongoing learning source due to the subscription fee paid by our members. Click here to join us!

We create new learning content for members each week through online interviews, presentations and discussions with soil health, nutrition, and scientific experts from around the world. Our online community also enables members to chat directly with each other and participate in discussion forums on a wide range of soil health topics.

Our Community includes farmers from around the world including from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Finland, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Ready to join us? Click here.

Curious? Learn More!

Not a member yet? Curious about the benefits to you or your organization of membership or sponsorship of our online community? Email Sara Harper to learn more! We will be happy to provide you or your group with an online tour and answer any questions about the value we provide.

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