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Grounded Growth Merges with the Jill Clapperton Global Food & Farm Online Community

Private Food & Farm Networks Join Together to Provide Expanded Resources for Farmers, Chefs & Emerging Brands

Media Contact: Sara Harper

Phone: (703) 209-9484

Today, Grounded Growth, a private online network of farmers and food companies working to bring regenerative agriculture to market, announces that it will merge into the Jill Clapperton Global Food & Farm Online Community, a project of Rhizoterra.

The move combines the in-depth applied science knowledge of soil health and nutrient density testing from scientist Dr. Jill Clapperton’s online community with the regenerative agriculture supply-chain-building and marketing work of Grounded Growth.

The expanded online community will serve as a key information and networking resource for farmers, chefs and emerging food companies. The global food and farm community will help members apply practical knowledge to their businesses and enable them to make science-based decisions on the tough issues surrounding the food and agriculture sectors.

Members of the now joint community will be able to access a more diverse set of original content, build relationships with connections from around the world and engage with like-minded members from across the entire supply chain.

All without the negativity or privacy concerns that go with being on a public platform like Facebook or Twitter.


“The members of both communities like the overlay of different issues and segments of the supply chain coming together around a shared set of values. Now, with the merger of Grounded Growth into the Jill Clapperton Community, that will become even more true,” said Sara Hessenflow Harper, founder of Grounded Growth.

“Jill’s in-depth research in the field of soil health and measuring nutrient density in food — as well as her extensive international network of farmers and chefs, make her online community the perfect foundation for Grounded Growth to build on,” Harper said. “In turn, Grounded Growth is excited to provide more resources around marketing and supply-chain development to all members of our now shared online community.”

“I’m really excited to welcome all the members from Our Grounded Growth” said Jill Clapperton. “We have so much in common — and this is going to be a great platform for all of us to grow.”

“For those farmers who are trying to differentiate themselves and take on the food system, we welcome you and are going to assist you in any way we can to get to that point,” said Clapperton.


Why is a private network needed in the age of so much free information?

While there is no shortage of soil science lectures or field day presentations on the internet, what’s missing is a filter that helps identify the most valuable ones for farmers on the regenerative journey.

Many chefs and emerging-food brands are beginning to be interested in the connection between healthier soil and healthier, tastier food — but they don’t have a community to learn from — or access to the kind of farmers that are interested in building direct supply-chain relationships.

With Grounded Growth becoming part of the Jill Clapperton Global Food & Farm Online Community; farmers, chefs and emerging food companies have access to more than great original content each month, they have the ability to ask questions of the experts in the fields of soil health, nutrient density, marketing and supply-chain building.

Members will also have the chance to become part of a supportive community that shares an intense focus on continuous improvement, curiosity and a dedication to improving soil health and the food system it feeds.

After experiencing the network, current members compare it to going to multiple conferences on soil health or creating and marketing healthier food — without having to travel anywhere — and with the ability to ask questions of the presenting experts each month.

All of these benefits cost a fraction of attending just one conference that usually speaks to only one aspect of these issues.


To learn more or join this online community, go to


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