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Dr. Jill Clapperton Shares Insights at UK's Groundswell 2022

This year's grand Groundswell event in the United Kingdom is coming to a close tonight. Our fearless leader Jill Clapperton has been there this week leading sessions and participating in discussions with other great thought leaders on regenerative agriculture. Below are a few examples shared on social media that caught her in action!


Rainfall simulation demonstration


Click here or on the image below to view this video clip.


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Members of the private social network: The Global Food & Farm Community led by Jill Clapperton, will have a chance to hear her thoughts on the conference and ask her questions about the event in one of our weekly conversations with members when she returns.

Curious about this soil health learning resource? Schedule some time with Sara Harper to explore how this online community and digital library of soil health resources can help you or your organization go further, faster on your soil health journey.


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