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Kamut Creator & Farm Legend Bob Quinn Talks with Members on Tuesday

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One of the ways we all get better at what we do is by learning from others in our field who have achieved impressive things. In the food and farming industries, Bob Quinn is just such a person. Next week, members of the newly expanded Jill Clapperton Global Food & Farm Community will get the chance to learn from this legend -- and ask him questions about their operations as well.

That's one of the main differences between our community and finding a talk Bob did -- or even a documentary about Bob on the internet. Our community will get to ENGAGE with Bob, not just during this call, but as an ongoing member of our community.

Information is everywhere. But information alone doesn't help you grow the way a community with shared values can. We value continuous improvement and finding new ways to apply science to the challenges facing the food and farm industries. If you share those goals, maybe you should consider joining us?

Our Format

To help members build relationships with the experts we feature, we conduct background interviews ahead of our conversation calls. This gives members a chance to get to know the speaker ahead of the call. It also allows us to use most of the actual event time for discussion and questions from members about their situations, rather than just another powerpoint presentation.

Below is a screenshot from inside our community showing the background interview post. Members can watch videos from inside the post - no need to leave the site to view our protected content.


Continuing the Discussion

After the event, members are able to build on their initial connection to the speaker because all our speakers are also members of our community. Members can ask questions directly to the speakers in the form of a private chat or they can leave comments/questions on the video recording to get feedback from the entire community.

And because it's a private online community, no one has to worry about the Negative Nellies that so often come out of the woodwork whenever content is shared in public.


Curious about our community? Got questions about joining? Send me an email and we'll chat:

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