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Better Milk, Better Cows, Better Soil: Learn How

On Tuesday, October 5th, members of the Jill Clapperton Network will have the chance to learn from and ask questions of international farm consultant Francis Yeatman. His pioneering system for adding selected species of cover crops into pastures has created huge benefits for dairies in many parts of Africa.

The milk, cows and the land are all made healthier from this process. And by the way, ranchers can get more milk from the same land with less impact!

It's a model that can help all pastured dairies . . . and the consumers lucky enough to buy the milk!

In this brief 4-minute video, Jill Clapperton shares an overview of this win-win-win model for dairies.

Join Us!

Ready to join the event? Click here to sign up for a free 3-day trial to Jill's private network and join us on the Zoom call on Tuesday, October 5th at 2pm eastern.

Can't make it at that time? No problem, members have access to recordings of all the network events.

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