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Celebrating Regenerative Agriculture's Role in Restoring the Earth - All Week Long!


As many of you probably know, Earth Day was this past Friday. Regenerative agriculture is all about restoring the resources on our beautiful planet - so we think that deserves more than just a day of celebration.

At the very least, we are going to celebrate all week long! Here's how:

  1. We are running a sale all week on membership in our ad-free, private social network (or online community), the Global Food & Farm Community. This is an online connection point providing original content that helps farmers, food companies and chefs to understand, apply and communicate the benefits of soil health

  2. We launched our public YouTube channel and will be releasing videos all week top farmers and food companies helping to explain and demonstrate regenerative agriculture

  3. We will be providing ongoing free original content highlighting members of our network as they build up soil health and bring better food to market!

To learn more about these initiatives, keep reading!

Let's Celebrate!

You may have noticed we have a new look! Our new logo and name help reflect the next big steps we are taking - to make the Global Food and Farm Network with Jill Clapperton ( THE connection platform for farmers, food companies and chefs around the world, who are serious about learning the science of soil health and putting it into practice.

Part of our celebration is to offer a sale on our annual membership all this week. Save 33% off the annual price. Stay tuned, we will be sharing another post all about how the network helps farmers and food companies. Click here to learn more or sign up!

Free Content

Regenerative agriculture is intensely popular, but it can mean many different things to different people. Wouldn't it be nice to hear the definition that many of the farmers and food companies who have been on this journey for several years, are using? We think so!

As noted above, we launched our new public YouTube channel this past Friday. This is where we will be sharing interviews with some of the amazing farmers, food companies and chefs that make up our private social network focused on building healthy soil for a healthy world.

Here's our overview video explaining the new series we will be adding to over the next year, "What Is Regenerative?"

Follow the Journey!

We are super excited to get to share with the public some of the amazing insights and expertise of the farmers and food companies at the forefront of this movement. Be sure to follow us on social media (links below) or sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new content is released.

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