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Exploring Nutrition, Ecosystem Markets & Bringing Better Beef to Market

Check out our February Events!

We have a great month ahead full of wonderful learning and discussion opportunities across a wide range of issues affecting the food and farming industries.

We get started tomorrow with a wonderful conversation with Heidi du Preez, a Nutritional Scientist from South Africa who helps people understand how important eating whole food is to our health -- and of course, the role farmers can play in making that food even healthier.

Next, our community will have a chance to hear the latest updates on carbon and ecosystem services markets in a conversation with Debbie Reed, Executive Director of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium

Later in the month, we will hear from the farmer-owned brand taking over South Africa: Farmer Angus. Angus McIntosh will share how he has succeeded in displacing much of the conventional beef market with his regeneratively raised, grass-finished beef.

Plus Our Regular Events

As always, members of our community will have the chance to engage in these regular events that go on each month in our online community:

Office Hours: Join Dr. Jill Clapperton for office hours during most weeks where they can ask her any question they'd like -- or just have a chat about soil health and other food and farming issues.

Planting With Purpose: He's been called the best soil chemistry expert in the business -- each month South African Francis Yeatman shares case studies of improving soil health in every crop you can imagine.

Grounded Growth Marketing Club: Learn how to build and expand your online brand. Get DIY marketing and social media advice.

Members: Click on the images below to take you to the event page where you can RSVP for events to receive an automatic reminder 30 minutes prior to the call for you. You can also add the event to your calendar from the event page

Not a member yet? Click here to join us!


Join us for a discussion where she will share her expertise on how to use food as our medicine and the nutritional benefits of eating whole food.


Join us for a discussion about emerging carbon markets with Debbie Reed, Executive Director of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium. Debbie will share the latest opportunities emerging from her marketplace, set to launch this year. This will be a chance to ask questions about how carbon markets are quantified and explore if this is an opportunity your farm or business may be interested in.


Join a discussion with South African soil health guru Francis Yeatman on the first Wednesday of the month. Francis will share case studies from his years of work with farmers in Africa to improve the health of the soil and the profitability of the farmers.


The Farmer Angus brand he has launched has been well received in the region - bringing his grass-fed beef into large-scale restaurants and stores. Come learn how he did it and what he's learned.

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