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How Satellite Mapping Tools Help Scale Regenerative Ag

Updated: Sep 27, 2021


Technology month continues in the Jill Clapperton Network.

This Thursday, network members will have a discussion with South African soil health guru, Francis Yeatman. Francis will share how he uses satellite mapping tools to help farmers all over the world test their soil and continue to expand their regenerative journey.

What's the Jill Clapperton Network?

It’s a private social network that teaches all parts of the supply chain how to add more nutrient density to our food and help restore our environment by working with nature to improve soil health.

The Network provides a private space for like-minded learners to avoid the negativity of social media and focus on continuous improvement by learning from the DOERS of soil health — people who have actually had a lot of experience and success bringing their soil back to life.

Members also get to the chance to drop in on Jill’s office hours each week to get advice on their specific situations.

Each month, Jill’s network provides original and recommended content curated from Jill’s decades of work as a top soil scientist and consultant on regenerative agriculture and measuring the nutrient density in food.

Want to participate in the call?

Click here to sign up for your free 3-day trial to check out the content inside the network and participate in the call.


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