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Using Robots to Regenerate the Land

A video conference discussion with Clint Brauer of Greenfield Robotics in the Jill Clapperton Network. (Sign up for a free 3-day trial to join the event).


On Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at noon eastern time, members of the Jill Clapperton Network will participate in an insightful discussion with a true innovator, Clint Brauer. Clint is a farmer who has built a robotics company that is changing what is possible for regenerative agriculture. He's also a supplier for Canidae Pet Food company.

Imagine being able to do no-till agriculture without chemicals -- this is the future Greenfield Robotics is making happen.

This means that consumers can finally get the benefits that organic provides (pesticide-free foods) without tilling up the soil that can damage nutrient density and add to the climate problem.

This is the kind of original content you have access to in the Jill Clapperton Network each month.

It's more than just information, it's the chance to ask questions to the doers of soil health -- and keep the conversation going with them and expert farmers from around the world in the Jill's private Mighty Network.

Want to participate in the call? Click here to sign up for your free 3-day trial to check out the content inside the network and participate in the call.

Members can access the call by logging into the site and then clicking this link for the event page which provides the Zoom link to the call.


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