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Harvest Today Becomes Latest Sponsor of the Global Food & Farm Community with Jill Clapperton


The Global Food & Farm Community with Jill Clapperton (a project of Rhizoterra, Inc.) is pleased to welcome Harvest Today as the newest sponsor of our growing online community focused on building soil health:

The Global Food & Farm Community is a private, ad-free, global social network that provides information, connections, and support to farmers, chefs, and food companies on the regenerative food journey. The online community provides members with new content and consultation opportunities with Jill Clapperton and her extensive network of experts each week. The in-depth interviews, presentations, and discussions are designed to help members understand, apply and communicate the science behind creating healthier soil for a healthier world. All events are recorded and members are able to access the content at any time in our digital library containing over 50 videos.

Harvest Today is an agri-tech company that empowers global and local communities to be able to grow fresh produce closer to home and promote the harvest revolution. Its goal is to harvest and produce all-year-round crops and vegetables through our scalable indoor growing system solution.

Sponsorship Details:

As a sponsor of the community, Harvest Today will be providing the first 50 customers who purchase a grow wall with a 6-month pre-paid membership to the social media network built by Dr. Jill Clapperton, a top expert in improving soil health and measuring nutrient density in food.

Harvest Today is also offering 50% off a single Harvest Wall purchase of any size and model for a limited time. For more information, visit their website: Harvest Today will also share its expertise on the topic of indoor growing with the full Global Food & Farm Community through a dedicated discussion topic in the online community, hosted on the Mighty Networks platform.

Founder of The Global Food & Farm Community, Jill Clapperton, says:

“Indoor and vertical growing is a rapidly expanding and important part of the fresh food sector. Our understanding of the nutrient density and the storage stability of the nutrition in fresh produce from this sector is lacking. The ingenious design and flexibility of the Harvest Walls will have us all wanting to produce our own greens, herbs, veggies, and flowers. There are numerous possibilities. Welcome Harvest Today, looking forward to meeting and learning from their indoor growing community.”

CEO of Harvest Today, Rick Langille, says:

“We’re honored to be part of a growing community that strives for better food, nutrition, and overall quality of life. When there is so much to learn about the indoor vertical farming space and growing food in general, the Food and Farm Community is a place for us to help our customers get started and keep us connected. We are excited to network with the industry-leading experts in the community. Thank you to Dr. Jill Clapperton and Rhizoterra for building a platform that allows us all to collaborate and learn from one another.”

Harvest Today joins Rhizoterra, Grounded Growth, and Greenfield Robotics as sponsors of the Global Food & Farm Community with Jill Clapperton.


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