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Stone Barns Center's Jack Algiere Shares View on Regenerative Agriculture

Wholistic, varied practices make up regenerative farming. Consumers play a critical role.

For over 19 years, Jack Algiere has been building a diverse, integrated, regenerative farm that is at the heart of the highly esteemed Stone Barns Center in New York. With a wide range of programs like Chef in Residence or Farm Share, a CSA-style option, visitors to Stone Barns and it's partner Blue Hill Farm have been experiencing great food and learning for many years.

As the Director of Agroecology for Stone Barns, Jack has had a lot of experience both with growing food in ways that restore the land and in educating and engaging with consumers who help set food trends.

So, what does Jack think about regenerative agriculture? Find out in this 3-minute clip from our conversation. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels to hear the full conversation in the future.

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