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Got Questions About Soil Health or the Measuring the Nutrient Density of Food?

Just what IS the Jill Clapperton Network? What does it provide to members?

Rhizoterra's owner and chief scientist, Dr. Jill Clapperton gets asked many questions each day. It's not surprising. After all, she is one of the few people with decades of experience working both with farmers from around the world and creating a unique way to measure the nutrient density of food.

Most people with her level of expertise open up expensive consulting businesses. To gain access to their knowledge, you have to pay quite a bit. Jill does work in-depth on some projects as a consultant, but she wanted to find a way to help more people apply the wisdom she has gained. Also, she wanted to create a private space where like-minded people who embrace curiosity and continuous improvement could meet and talk with each other from around the world -- without the negativity of public (free) social media channels.

That's why she created her own private social media network devoted entirely to improving soil health and the nutritional value of our food that healthy soil can provide.

What's the Office Hour?

Each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Jill hold a virtual office hour for members of her network. Any member can join the zoom call through the Events tab in her private online network and ask her any question they have about soil health, nutrient density . . . or life in general.

This is the kind of access that usually costs big bucks in the consulting world, but it is included in the small membership fee that Jill charges to help pay for the private online space where she hosts conversations from around the world and shares her original and recommended research.

What's the Jill Clapperton Network?

We are frequently asked, "What is the Jill Clapperton Network?" This 1-minute video gives you a sense of what her network is and what it provides to members.

For only $25/month, farmers, chefs and food brands from around the world gain access to Jill's expertise during her 2 weekly office hours and the ability to participate in video discussion calls and background interviews with some of the top soil health DOERS in the world -- folks Jill has worked with over the years.

Increasingly, regenerative agriculture is getting talked about a lot. But if you want to do more than talk about it, this is the place for you.

If you are interested, click here to give it a try. All memberships start with a free 3-day trial.


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