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Greenfield Robotics Customers Going Online with Soil Scientist Dr. Jill Clapperton's Community

Greenfield joining the collaborative group and creating their own private area for conversations between Greenfield customers and Greenfield team members.


Rhizoterra and Greenfield Robotics (“GFR”) are pleased to announce Greenfield’s sponsorship of Rhizoterra’s Jill Clapperton Global Food & Farm Community (

Through the sponsorship, Greenfield Robotics provides their farmer customers, and new customers through their partnership with MKC Grain Cooperative, with free access to the private social media network built by Dr. Jill Clapperton, a top expert in improving soil health and measuring nutrient density in food.

Each month, the online community hosts several video-conferencing opportunities where members can ask questions of some of the most innovative farmers, chefs, and food companies on the planet and access historical content which includes over 50 videos.

Busy farmers can learn from top experts in the field and cohorts without travel and conference fees— and with the ability to ask questions of all the speakers.

  • Topics covered include:Paddock Grazing

  • Brands Working with Farmers

  • Understanding & Measuring Nutrient Density

  • Cover Cropping and Intercropping

  • Composting for Commercial Farms


“Regenerative Farming is a superior farming technique that solves most of the known carbon, chemical and nutrient issues with food and ingredient production. We created robots to help regenerative farming scale globally. However, true experts are few and far between geographically and farmer schedules don’t always coincide with conferences.
Our partnership will accelerate farmers along the learning curve, together, virtually”, said Clint Brauer, CEO of Greenfield Robotics.


“We are thrilled to welcome Greenfield Robotics as a sponsor of our Global Food & Farm Online Community," said Dr. Jill Clapperton, lead scientist and owner of Rhizoterra and the Global Food & Farm Community.
Clint has been a valued farmer member of our community from the beginning and we are excited to leverage the online learning and events platform we have built to help the Greenfield Farmers meet their goals,” Clapperton said.

We are both a trusted filter of the best, science-based resources to help farmers make better decisions and an online global community that embraces a culture of continuous improvement and curiosity,” Clapperton continued.

This partnership also provides a private area for Greenfield customers and Greenfield employees only. This area lets farmers working with Greenfield Robotics engage directly with the company and each other while gaining access to selected content that can help the farmers and Greenfield Robotics advance their mission of creating chemical-free, regenerative ingredients.

About the Parties:

Rhizoterra Inc is an international food security consulting company that provides expert guidance for creating healthy soils that yield tasty and nutrient-dense foods.

Owner & scientist, Dr. Jill Clapperton, and Rhizoterra work together with producers and food companies to regenerate the biological and environmental integrity of the land.

The Jill Clapperton Global Food & Farm Community ( is a project of Rhizoterra. The private online community brings together farmers, chefs, and food companies from around the world who are interested in advancing soil health. It gives them a private space to learn from some of the top global soil health experts and from each other. Members also gain the ability to seek advice from Dr. Clapperton on a regular basis during her member office hours.

Greenfield Robotics creates robots that allow regenerative agriculture to scale. We won’t rest until your food is chemical-free. We align the interests of farmers and consumers with a food system that is economical and sustainable.


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